Friday, August 13, 2010

Prevent • Protect • Perform

For centuries, certain mushrooms have been consumed for their wellness benefits and have been recognized for their powerful functional health support and wellness aspects in addition to their flavors and textures. Mushroom Matrix (M²) has developed specialized nutraceutical mushroom formulas designed to provide the maximum health promoting effects to the Equine industry.

The secret lies in the use of whole bioactive entities with potent enzymatic functions and providing the horse with un-denatured antioxidant enzymes and adjunctive natural health components in a highly absorbable bio-available and active form. Grown under strict GMP Standards in San Marcos California, M² blends are Certified Organic formulas with guaranteed potencys. The products are pure unadulterated CERTIFIED ORGANIC nutraceutical mushroom powders carefully cultivated & harvested with proprietary processing methods to ensure preservation of optimal potency of natures most powerful natural synergies of antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, beta glucans and more in a sophisticated nutritional matrix.

The foundation of performance is health. The basis of health, strength, and stamina is a powerful immune system. Science is now demonstrating that nature has many potent nutrients that support & activate the immune system. Many of these impressive and beneficial substances are found in mushrooms. MUSHROOM MATRIX has developed proprietary cultivation methodologies for selected species of extensively researched mushrooms. Recognizing the different constituents and medicinal modes of activity of each mushroom species, several unique M2 Matrix Mushroom Formulas have been created to address specific equine health and performance issues.

With these formulas, it is now possible to naturally support, restore, and build the strength and stamina required for peak performance and consistency. We are entering a new age for realization of genetic performance potential combining the benefits and wisdom of scientific and classic training with natural, organic whole foods as nature intended.

Why continue to use synthetic chemicals as nutritional supplements without any enzyme backup system to promote proper bio-availability and utilization? Such artificial additives may not be absorbed or fully utilized and can interfere or be a less effective substitute for the real preferred natural substrates. This can never produce peak consistent performance over time.

Collectively, M2 Mushroom Matrix Formulas contain whole natural proprietary mushroom matrix blends with certified cultured levels of transporters and antioxidants to provide needed protection and enhancement without having to administer synthetic chemicals/nutrients with questionable absorption, cell penetration, and physiologic effect.

Special Bioactive Mushroom Matrix blends provide:

  • The most powerful anti-oxidative and enzyme properties known in any
    food product.
  • Oxidative stress support.
  • Natural immune supportive agents.

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