Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jane Hannigan, US World Cup Rider, Team Matrix Member

“Mak had a tendency to be tense and rather spooky. So, we tried the Mushroom Matrix and he’s calmer and taking the training better. In addition, he’s building more muscle. In fact, he’s packing on the muscle to the point that someone asked me what I was doing that was so different and I said that I had put him on the Mushroom Matrix. Mak has been feeling stronger and stronger and is really able to handle the work. I can now ride him a couple times a day, whereas in the past, it would be one hard work out and that was it.

I’d absolutely recommend the Mushroom Matrix to other people. A horse that needs to be really focused and needs help with the emotional side of the training can certainly benefit.”

Jane Hannigan, FEI-level dressage rider and trainer speaking of the benefits for her Grand Prix horse, Maksymilian

Thank you Jane very much for sharing this with us! Mushroom Matrix

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