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Healthy Pet - Daily Life Essentials

Mushroom Matrix announces its new line of nutritional supplements for dogs and cats. Healthy Pet has all the nutritional benefits found in Matrix products for horses and humans, but is designed with the family pet in mind.

Healthy Pet is a special blend of up to 10 medicinal mushroom varieties, providing dogs and cats with superior health support. High in antioxidants, beta-glucans and polysaccharides, mushrooms are one of nature's most perfect foods for all animals. Not only are they loaded with healthy nutrients, but those nutrients are easily absorbed and used by mammals, which includes not only humans but also horses, dogs and cats. Research into the benefits of medicinal mushrooms indicates that they help promote healthy joints, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, increase stamina and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Healthy Pet is the first in a new line of small animal nutritional supplements being designed by the Mushroom Matrix. Future small animal supplements will include a special puppy Matrix blend to provide puppies with the nutritional support needed to grow strong and healthy, an adult dog blend to promote overall immune system support and a senior blend to provide overall health support with the added benefit of joint protection. Dog and cat treats loaded with the special healthy goodness of the Matrix are also in development.

Healthy Pet
Research has shown that oxidative damage to cells is one of the leading causes of so many health disorders, including disease, illness and joint dysfunction. It's widely known that antioxidants can help protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This is why so many nutritional supplements for humans and animals promote their antioxidant properties. Medicinal mushrooms, however, such as those used in Matrix nutritional supplements, have extremely high concentrations of one of the most potent antioxidants in the world - L-Ergothioneine (ERGO).

ERGO is abundant in many plants, but humans and other animals cannot manufacture ERGO. The only way to get this beneficial antioxidant is by eating various plants that take up ERGO from the soil. Mushrooms are perhaps most efficient in drawing this valuable antioxidant from the soil. ERGO is then passed along to humans and animals when they ingest mushrooms. In addition to ERGO, mushrooms are also high in other antioxidant compounds, such as selenomethionine, making mushrooms the absolute best whole organic source for antioxidants.

Mushrooms are completely natural and organic with a unique combination of enzymes and antioxidant that work together in such a way that the antioxidants received by consuming mushrooms are easily and quickly absorbed by the body and its tissues, thus providing humans, horses, dogs and cats with the full benefits of antioxidants.

The desire to provide both people and animals with easy access to the health benefits of mushrooms is what led to the creation of the Mushroom Matrix line of nutritional supplements. Matrix products are 100 percent certified organic and the medicinal mushroom varieties used to produce Matrix products are grown in the U.S. by Golden Gourmet Mushrooms of San Marcos, California, producer of Matrix nutritional supplements. With Matrix supplements, it's easy for everyone in the family - including the dog and cat - to get their daily dose of this superior nutritional supplement.

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Victoria Covert
Barrel Racing

Mushroom Matrix products are 100% certified organic nutritional supplements. The Matrix proprietary blends contain up to 10 of nature's most powerful mushrooms species and are engineered to address the physiological requirements of humans and animals in a uniquely efficient and effective manner. The complex chemistry of whole mushroom blends provides literally thousands of natural enzymes and proteins in optimum evolutionary ratios for uptake and utilization. This complexity cannot be matched by other vitamin and nutritional supplements which often contain synthetic or extracted chemicals and nutrients whose absorption, cell penetration and physiologic effect are questionable. With high levels of antioxidants, beta glucans and other bioactive/bioavailable substances, the Matrix's unique mushroom blend support a strong immune and cellular function.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Learn more about the Makeup of the Matrix

Mushroom Matrix™ products are a natural organic blend of special whole medicinal mushrooms that represents an innovative new approach to nutritional supplementation. Mushrooms are millenniums old, are one of the oldest evolutionary species, and are an essential part of a sustainable world. They contain specialized enzyme systems that are involved in the decaying and recycling of matter into nutrients that animals and plants feed upon. Similar to humans they have an immune system to protect themselves against diseases. Many of the diseases that afflict mushrooms also infect humans; on the other hand plant diseases have no similar effect on humans. Medicinal mushrooms provide a wide variety of health benefits that can contribute to the prevention and treatment of disease. These uniquely designed organisms contain many nutrients and bioactive substances that are invaluable for the human immune system and for normal cellular function.

Mushrooms have evolved a unique and complex enzymatic system. The Mushroom Matrix™ products were designed to maximize the large diverse combinations of bioactive substances and enzymes contained in different mushrooms, such as polyphenols, Tri-terpenes, Glycoproteins, beta-glucans, selenomethionine, and L-Ergothioneine. The Mushroom Matrix™ approach is to use a synergistic combination of bioactive mushrooms to address the particular nutritional and medicinal needs of humans and animals. Most nutritional products in use today, developed from fruits and vegetables may have single chemicals with unique antioxidant properties and/or values, but none can compare with the thousands of bioactive enzymes within the mushrooms.

One specific example is the Mushroom Matrix Daily Life Essentials™ which contains performance tested strains of organically grown and nationally certified mushrooms. This proprietary blend, designed with the help of well-known Pennsylvania State University food scientists, combines the enzymatic activity of each of the 8 medicinal mushrooms to deliver high levels of key bioactive substances.

The Mushroom Matrix™ concept is to combine various types of edible and medicinal whole mushroom fruit bodies with mushroom mycelium in unique blends to optimize the presence of bioactive/antioxidant substances. Basically, the mycelium is composed of white threads or filamentous growth from which a mushroom is developed. The Mushroom Matrix™ proprietary manufacturing techniques involve growing the mycelium on organic cereal grain which allows the mushroom to use its extra cellular enzymatic activity to maximize production of these nutritionally needed bioactive substances during all phases of growth.


A mushroom's physiologic system contains self-protective, anti-biotics, anti-viral, antioxidants and bioactive nutrients. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from oxidative damage caused by molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are destructive highly reactive compounds produced by the body's inefficient use of oxygen. Significant increases in these free radicals can overwhelm the body's natural enzyme-mediated antioxidant defense system. Of note is that humans and animals are constantly bombarded in daily living by agents and situations that cause oxidative stress such as pollutants, smoking, noise, radiation, emotional stress, increased athletic training and chronic inflammatory disease. The use of the Matrix provides several thousand natural enzymes and proteins in correct evolutionary ratios for essential biological activity. This maximizes nutritional uptake and utilization of our regular diet. The Matrix is a whole food, giving support to lungs, immune system, and cardio-vascular health for the person who expects the highest quality of health.

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Congratulations Catherine!

Catherine Haddad, top US dressage rider, has qualified for WEG selections on two horses! We are very happy for Catherine, a Mushroom Matrix sponsored athlete, as well as her horses. Catherine is headquartered in Vechta, Germany where she challenges herself to the highest levels of international competition available in the European continent.
Congratulations Catherine!

Photo by Julia Wentscher.
July 20, 2010

Catherine Haddad has announced that she will only bring one Grand Prix horse—Winyamaro—to the Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF National Grand Prix Championship and Selection Trials for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Dressage Team.

“W” is ranked 13th on the final ranking list of qualified Grand Prix horses with an average score of 66.76 percent. Haddad has another ranked horse, Cadillac, who is ranked fourth with 68.06 percent.

“I had to make some tough choices in the last few days. I really only have enough money to travel with one horse. For me, both Cadillac and Winyamaro are equally talented. Cadillac has the advantage of reputation. He won eight Grand Prix tests last year. In a sport where the scores tend to be influenced by past performances, that gives him an advantage over W. I LOVE to ride Cadillac. The feeling is more than grand. But he was injured in the spring and is only a hair’s breadth away from a full recovery. I cannot have him fit enough to do two shows back to back in Gladstone. I would need four to five more weeks for that level of fitness,” explained Haddad.

“So I decided to leave my juggernaut at home rather than risk a lukewarm test or, even worse, a new injury. And that problem isn’t really a problem because my “back-up” horse, W, has surprised everyone, including yours truly, by far exceeding all expectations over the last eight weeks.”

Winyamaro, a 10-year-old Hanoverian (Walt Disney—Taiga, Trapper), started competing at the Grand Prix level in 2009. He won a national level Grand Prix in Sittensen, Germany, and placed third in a competitive national Grand Prix freestyle in Berlin, Germany, on 71.4 percent.

He made his first international start in 2010 at the Hamburg CDI*** in Germany and placed second in the freestyle (70.0%). He went on to place in every one of his eight international Grand Prix starts in the past two months.

“Winyamaro is arguably the most confident horse I have ever ridden. If I had to describe him in one word it would be either ‘cheeky’ or ‘exuberant’ depending on the day,” said Haddad. “He has no weak points, and he is getting stronger and more expressive in his work by the hour. Most people will think that I am bringing my second choice. That is true, but only because in my heart I wanted to show the USA what Cadillac and I have created together. Instead, I am bringing my best horse who is still a work in progress. I’m betting on our American judges to evaluate him on his performance, not his ranking going into Gladstone.”

Haddad, a U.S. citizen who lives in Vechta, Germany, will fly out on July 21, with Winyamaro. The selection trials will take place in Gladstone, N.J., Aug. 6-8 and Aug. 13-15.

Monday, July 19, 2010

2008 British Grand Prix Freestyle Champion, and British National Champion Dressage Rider, Maria Eilberg (GBR)

My elbow has been getting better slowly and I have been riding again. I still have to take it a bit gently but it is very difficult when having to do anything around horses! My family have been incredibly supportive and Mike and Dad have been doing a great job at keeping the horses going for me, I might even have trouble getting them back!

The beginning of July was quite intense with sorting entries. I was having to wait on selection for Aachen before entering Hartpury and then Hickstead had to be decided as well-they all had to be in by the end of June so I found myself having to meet the deadlines all on the same day! I have been selected for Aachen with Two Sox, Mike will do Hartpury which is the same week and then we will do Hickstead together. We are in the process of getting a new lorry which we hope will be here in time for these next shows . . .

So it had been a busy but efficient week until we had what could of been a major disaster. Dad got kicked. Initially we thought it was in the head but fortunately it was through the side of his cheek, the cut went all the way through so it was literally a hole! He has also wrenched his shoulder but all in all we have to be extremely grateful. Initially he did have loss of memory but gradually it's coming round. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that nothing else happens!!

Dad seems to be doing much better, we are having to keep a close eye on him but hopefully he has got away with it! The swelling on his face has come down and he is all colours of the rainbow with bruising!

Because I am having to look after my arm for Aachen and re team selection for WEG, Mike has been helping me out with the stallions. He competed Worldwide and Woodlander Rockstar for me today. He will look after them while I am away for Aachen and then everything should be back to normal.

We have the Badminton Young Horse Finals this coming weekend and then things kick off again with Aachen, Hartpury and Hickstead. It is going to be a busy month!

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Congratulations to Ashley Porter

Mushroom Matrix congratulates Ashley Porter for picking up a 10th place out of 750 professional competitors!

Congrats Ashley!

Why Eating Mushrooms Can Have a Positive Impact on Health Read more at Suite101: Why Eating Mushrooms Can Have a Positive Impact on Health

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by Sarah Lantz

Mushrooms may not be all that impressive to look at, but they more than make up for their appearance with their incredible nutritional profile. Research continues to serve up impressive discoveries about just what this fungi has to offer.

Mushrooms have been used for centuries for their healing properties. Discover just what they have to offer in terms of nutrition and health.

Healthy Contents of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have rich stores of many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even antibiotics! They contain vitamins A, B,C, and D, iron, calcium, potassium, and copper, and are the best source of selenium for vegetarians.

Mushrooms are naturally fat and cholesterol free, contain very few carbohydrates, and are a good source of lean protein. They are also a good source of fiber; their makeup consists of between 80-90% water and of the 10% dry weight between 8-10% of that is fiber.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

It's no surprise that with such an impressive array of nutrients mushrooms have been linked to many positive health benefits. Here are just a few of the positive ways mushrooms can impact health conditions and why.

Mushrooms contain eritadenine, a compound that helps to reduce blood cholesterol. Fibers found in mushrooms, like chitin, can also help in lowering cholesterol.

Cardiovascular heath can be improved by eating mushrooms due to the beta-gluten they contain. The copper in mushrooms can also protect and improve the health of the heart. Mushrooms are also an excellent source of potassium, which lowers blood pressure.

Mushrooms are a great choice for diabetics, as they contain natural enzymes that help the body break down sugar and starch as well as compounds that aid the function of the liver and pancreas.

Further reading

Compounds discovered in the Shiitake mushroom have incredible potential in the effective treatment of cancer, HIV, and high cholesterol and blood pressure.

As a natural source of antibiotics (penicillin comes from mushrooms), mushrooms can greatly enhance the immune system. The Shiitake mushroom contains lentinan, a beta-glucan that stimulates the immune system. Mushrooms have also been found to contain ergothioneine, an antioxidant that protects against free-radicals. Vitamins A, B, and C as well as copper also help to boost immune function.

Mushrooms also have cancer-fighting properties. They inhibit the activity of specific enzymes (aromataste and 5-alpha-reductase) that have been linked to breast and prostate cancer. Rich stores of selenium work together with vitamin E found in mushrooms to protect against free-radicals. In addition to this, the presence of beta-glucans and linoleic acid in mushrooms provide anti-carcinogenic effects.

As a source of food for the weight-conscious, mushrooms are an excellent choice. Fat and cholesterol free, low in carbohydrates, and high in fiber and protein, mushrooms provide necessary nutrients while boosting metabolism.

Mushrooms are increasingly easy to find in local supermarkets and quite easy to prepare. Go ahead and try some today!

Sources:, "Health Benefits of Mushroom" (July 12, 2010), "Medicinal Mushrooms: Health Benefits Include Cancer Fighting, Cholesterol Lowering and More!" (July 12, 2010), "Health Benefits of Mushrooms" (July 12, 2010), "Mushrooms and Health" (July 12, 2010), "The Nutritional Benefits of Mushrooms" (July 13, 2010), "Benefits of Mushrooms" (July 13, 2010), "Health Benefits of Mushroom" (July 13, 2010)

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Novice western pleasure exhibitors can put these tips to use along the rail.

Novice western pleasure exhibitors can put these tips to use along the rail.

Any time you have a question about how your horse should look in the show ring, don’t depend on fads to tell you, read your AQHA rulebook.

By AQHA Professional Horseman Louis Hufnagel with Larri Jo Starkey in The American Quarter Horse Journal

Only one horse in 100 does all the gaits slowly and correctly on its own every time, and as a beginner, you probably don’t have that horse.

Instead, when you’re showing in western pleasure, you’re trying to do as well as you can with the horse you can afford.

Read the Rulebook

Whether you’re going to be showing in pleasure, horsemanship or showmanship, you need to read the class specifications. It’s going to tell you what’s going to happen in that class. You still need to see a class before you show in it, but you’ll know the basic guidelines.

You’ll know that in a western pleasure class, you’re going to be judged going both directions and that the horse is being judged, not the rider.

Your horse should be a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to ride. All of your efforts should be aimed at making your horse look smooth.

Any time you have a question about how your horse should look in the show ring, don’t depend on fads to tell you – look at the rulebook. If you’re confused about what bit to use – look at the rulebook.

AQHA’s “Show Me” DVD features numerous people involved in different areas of showing. They explain how to take the first step and get involved in your first show. Order your copy today!


If you don’t practice, it doesn’t make any difference what you do in the ring.

Some amateurs just want to show up and get on. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. You need to get to know your horse, and you need to practice your riding so you can make your horse look more pleasurable to ride, especially if you’re a novice.

Roll It!

Watch as world champions are crowned the 2009 AQHA World Show.

A lot of novices get scared when their horse goes a little too fast, because their balance changes with the rhythm. That’s something you need to practice, too: changing rhythms until your whole body is relaxed. It’s like any other sport – it takes physical exertion. Your horse won’t stay steady in the ring unless you’ve got him steady at home.

If it were easy, you could just as well go to Walmart and put your quarter in the coin horse because it will always give you the same ride. Instead, get on your western pleasure horse and practice to get ready for the horse show.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series.

Winning Tips

Don’t let equine gastric ulcer syndrome keep you and your horse out of the winner’s circle. Know the signs for EGUS to keep your horse comfortable and competitive.

Dr. April Knudson, manager of Merial Veterinary Services, advises owners to recognize the signs of EGUS. She says, “It’s common for horses with stomach ulcers to endure mild colic, poor hair coat, inadequate body condition or substandard performance – as well as the more well-known signs of decreased appetite and poor behavior.”

In AQHA’s “Show Me” DVD you’ll learn the different AQHA disciplines to choose from and the different class divisions, including plenty of choices for beginners. Order your copy now!

Stressful situations usually trigger ulcer formation, Dr. Knudson says. She urges owners to be aware of the stressful situations that can trigger EGUS, such as training, competition, stall confinement, trailering and lay-up due to injury. These common activities are almost impossible to avoid for competitive horses, and without preventive treatment, stomach ulcers are likely to develop.

There is a reliable product to prevent ulcers if horses are about to go into training or travel to a competition, Dr. Knudson says. UlcerGard is the only product that works to prevent equine stomach ulcers. At about $10 a day, UlcerGard has been proven effective in preventing stomach ulcers when used during stressful situations.

Brought to you by America's Horse Daily

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Mushroom Matrix and the Human Health

Mushroom Matrix blends contain high levels of polyphenols, beta-glucans, L-Ergothioneine, selenomethionine and other
unique bioactive components.

Daily Life Essentials provides
exceptional absorbability due to its
complex natural enzymatic structure
and the L-ergothioneine biological
transport system. Join our fan page to find out more about the power and effects of mushrooms!

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Legendary Trainer Blane Schvaneveldt Dies

The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal, July 5, 2010 -- Blane Schvaneveldt, 76, died Monday, July 5.

Schvaneveldt was hospitalized at Los Alamitos Medical Center after showing signs of distress Friday morning while having breakfast with his wife, Shirley, in the backstretch café named in his honor at Los Alamitos. Earlier that morning, he oversaw the training of his racing stable.

Schvaneveldt is an icon of the American Quarter Horse racing industry. The Preston, Idaho, native began training in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Los Alamitos in 1968. He was unchallenged for decades as the leading trainer of racing American Quarter Horses -- either by money earned, races won or both -- and came to personify the sport of racing the fastest horses on earth.Richard  "Dick" Bingham

Schvaneveldt toppled D. Wayne Lukas (AQHA Hall of Fame member) from the No. 1 spot by races won in 1976, and the year after that became the first conditioner to saddle the earners of more than $1 million in a single season.

In 1980, he became the first trainer to break $2 million, followed that two years later with the industry’s first $3 million year, and in 1984 set what until 2003 was the all-time single season record of $3,531,572. He was a named the sport’s champion trainer twelve-consecutive times from 1985-1996.

Since AQHA began keeping detailed records in 1970, Schvaneveldt won 5,186 races in 32,173 starts -- including 189 stakes wins -- and earned $55,322,155.

“He may have been the best trainer to ever put his hands on a horse,” said trainer Jack Van Berg, a friend of Schvaneveldt’s who won the 1987 Kentucky Derby with Alysheba (TB).

Schvaneveldt was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2001.

Schvaneveldt was active with his stable this year despite persistent health problems in recent years, particularly with his back. Last month, his Divide The Cash set a 350-yard track record at Los Alamitos. On Memorial Day, he traveled to Idaho for a high school class reunion.

Schvaneveldt won the richest race of his career in December 2008 when Tres Passes won the $2,038,250 Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity (G1). A month earlier, he won his first seven-figure race when Tres Passes won the Golden State Million Futurity (G1).

Among the many horses he trained or saddled for a stakes victory were fellow American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame member Town Policy, world champions Cash Rate, Dash For Speed, First Down Dash, Miss Thermolark, Refrigerator, Super Sound Charge and Winalota Cash and champions Azure Three, Band Of Angels, Better Than Never, Cash Legacy, Cash Perks, Dean Miracle, Denim N Diamonds, Easy Austin, Ed Grimley, Extra Easy, First Sovereign, Ive Been Blessed, Jumping Tac Flash, Lady Juno, Make Mine Bud, Mini Rock, My Debut, Sign It Super, Sir Alibi, Sixy Chick, Speedy Lunch, Splash Bac, The Black Alliance, The Casanova and The Plan.

“It’s hard to imagine a Los Alamitos Race Course without Blane Schvaneveldt,” said Edward C. Allred, the owner of Los Alamitos Race Course. “During my early days as a racehorse owner and breeder, I relied heavily on his knowledge and counsel. I can’t begin to tell people how much I will miss him.”

Schvaneveldt owned and operated his training and breeding operation in Romoland, California, and also hosted the Schvaneveldt Yearling Sale.

He has in his own name bred the earners of more than $6.2 million, including champion Dashing Val and Grade 1 winners Simplify and Canosa.

A testament to Schvaneveldt’s influence in Quarter Horse racing are the two races named in his honor - the Blane Schvaneveldt Futurity at Wyoming Downs and the Blane Schvaneveldt Handicap at Los Alamitos, which will be run this year on Oct. 1.

A burial service will be held in Preston, Idaho, at a date to be announced. A memorial service will be held at Los Alamitos Race Course at a date following the burial.

Schvaneveldt is survived by his wife, Shirley; two daughters, Shonna Smith and Brenda Figueroa; and three grandchildren, Brandi Mitchell, Brayden Figueroa and Barrett Figueroa.

More details will follow as they become available. Brought to you by the American Quarter Horse Association