Monday, November 29, 2010

Take a look at what Helen McNaught had to say about ECP Matrix

Mr Whoopy (8yr stallion) & Duncan McFarlane finished 4th in LAs world cup qualifier with a time fault.

Caballo (15) & Lariccello (11) with myself finished 6th & 10th respectively with one down.
These 3 horses all get fed Ecp & performance matrix daily. Their records speak for themselves.
Thanks mushroom matrix team we'r
e looking forward to more of the same in 2011.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Susan Blinks

Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Background: Susan Blinks is one of the nation’s top dressage riders, having earned medals at Olympic and World Equestrian Games. In 2000, with Flim Flam, she was named to the US team at the Sydney Olympics Games where the US took the Bronze medal. Blinks was a member of the fourth place US squad at the 1998 World Equestrian Games in Rome, Italy, and in September of 2002, she was on the Silver medal winning US team at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain. Blinks has also been named the US Olympic Committee's Dressage Female Athlete of the Year twice.

AccoladesFEI Rider/Trainer
US Olympic Team Member and winner of team bronze at 2000 Sydney Games
Part of the 1st US Team to win a Nations Cup
Chronicle of the Horse Dressage Rider of the Year
US Olympic Committee’s Dressage Female Athlete of the Year TWICE
Member of USEF Executive Committee and USEF Board of Directors

National Grand Prix Championships & Olympic Selection Trials
Member of the US Nations Cup Team at Mondorf Les Baines, Luxumburg
Appointed Chair of the USEF Eligible Athletes Dressage Committee

Top Horses
Robin Hood
Flim Flam

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healthy Horses

Mushroom Matrix offers a full line of products for all horses from the companion or trail horse to the high performance Olympic athlete. We have spent years formulating our proprietary blends to target the right balance of health in your horse. Our products are 100% Organic and grown by us, here in the US, we believe it is important to know the source of your supplements. Gain the health and performance that your horse demands with Mushroom Matrix!

Our blends use 10 species of powerful medicinal mushrooms. The biochemistry of these mushrooms is exceedingly complex with thousands of bioactive compounds. While each individual species of mushroom has unique bioactive compounds, there are therapeutic qualities that are common to all of our mushrooms:

  • Immunostimulation/immunomodulation through beta glucans, peptides, lectins, proteins and polyphenols
  • Protection against oxidative stress with a range of antioxidants including L-ergothioneine, an antioxidant produced only by fungi
  • Adaptogenic properties to help cope with a wide variety of stressors
  • Organic source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes

Mushroom Matrix has created blends that combine the individual activities of each mushroom into a powerful, synergistic blend - the total is greater than the sum of the parts!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Catherine Haddad and Winyamaro win Devon Freestyle Grand Prix 2010

Here's a great video of Catherine Haddad and Winyamaro!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Congratulations to Meagan Davis and Bentley!

Mushroom Matrix is thrilled to share with you a congratulations wish to Meagan Davis and Bentley as they head to Frankfurt, Germany to represent the United States in the FEI World Cup Dressage Final for Young Riders to be held December 15-19, 2010. Meagan has worked with determination throughout the year to earn this invitation and has had some remarkable and memorable rides with Bentley. She and Bentley averaged 70.475% during the competition season and now she will have the opportunity of a lifetime in her last year of competition as a Young Rider.

Meagan and Bentley are fortunate to have the horse transportation and rider accommodation expense covered by the generosity of the event organizers and sponsors. There will however be additional expenses that they will incur and to that end, there was a fundraiser dinner and silent auction event held in Rhinebeck, NY on November 6th, 2010. Even if you were not able to make it to the event, you can still make a contribution to Meagan and Bentley’s success by clicking here$50_each.html

and making a donation!

ECP Matrix became a part of Bentley’s daily routine a little over 2 months ago and Meagan credits the focusing effect of the product to helping her and Bentley gain the competitive advantage that they needed for the final push at Saugerties and Devon. We are very excited to be taking this trip with Meaghan and look forward to supporting both her and Bentley in their efforts in Germany and beyond!

Best wishes and congratulations to both Meagan and Bentley!

Mushroom Matrix


Friday, November 5, 2010

Team Matrix: Racing

Mushroom Matrix is proud to sponsor Ian Wilkes.

Ian Wilkes
Louisville, KY

Ian R. Wilkes is a trainer in American Thoroughbred horse racing. He worked for leading Australian trainer Colin Hayes before taking a job in 1990 with trainer Carl Nafzger in the United States.


9/11/10 – Ivory Empress – 2nd in Endine G3
8/14/10 – Choragus – 3rd in Gardenia G3
8/14/10 – Bearpath – 2nd in Sword Dancer Invitational G1
5/22/10 – Bearpath – 2nd in Louisville Hcp G3
5/8/10 – Ivory Empress – 2nd in Unbridled Sidney
5/1/10 – Warrior’s Reward – 2nd in Churchill Downs Hcp G2
4/7/10 – Diva Delite – 3rd in Beaumont G2
4/3/10 – Warrior’s Reward – 1st in Carter Hcp G1
3/27/10 – Bearpath – 1st in Pan American G3
2/6/10 – Guam Typhoon – 2nd in Super Stakes

Capt. Candyman Can
Diva Delite
Ivory Empress
Guam Typhoon


Ian R Wilkes profile

Ian Wilkes ESPN article

Ian Wilkes Gulfstream Park interview

Capt. Candyman Can Grade 1 Victory

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catherine Haddad, World Renowned Dressage Rider and Trainer uses Mushroom Matrix

Take a look at what Catherine had to say about Mushroom Matrix.

Those of you who have asked me, “What do you do for maintenance on your top dressage horses?” have probably met the reply, “Nothing. There is no substitute for GRFS: Good Riding, Footing and Shoeing.” (Good feeding goes without saying.)

That said, I have recently begun testing medicinal mushrooms and while they are no substitute for GRFS, I am now prepared to use them permanently for the long term maintenance of my horses’ health. These mushrooms are visibly effective. Here are the first of my stories:

1) One horse in my stable suffers from mild laminitis. While he has had the best medical treatment and shoeing available, he has been slightly lame on one foot for 2 1/2 years. -After 3 weeks on a mushroom supplement called MRM Matrix, he trotted sound on the lunge line. -I ran out of the product after four weeks. Five days later, he was lame again.

-I put him back on the mushrooms after a 10 day break and within 4 days he was sound again.

-He is still sound today and he will stay on the supplement.

2) Another horse in my stable is a notorious shyer with lots of underlying tension. He has a difficult time focusing on his work. He also has shivering syndrome which worsens under stress.

-After two weeks on the mushroom supplement called ECP Matrix, his ability to focus was markedly better.

-After four weeks on ECP he competed at Stuttgart without a single panic attack and minimal distractions. He is much more relaxed and focused.

His shivering is more manageable now.

-Also, a sarcoid that has slowly enlarged on his neck over the last four years, has nearly disappeared.

The mushroom supplements are made from 100% pure, organic, whole mushrooms—kiln-dried and crushed into powder—and here comes the best part: negative doping!!! I am trying some of the other mixtures offered on other horses right now—Muscle Matrix, Hoof Matrix, Joint Matrix etc. I will update this page with more results as they come in. In the meantime, I’m taking mushroom and colostrum supplements myself and can honestly say that my energy level and general alertness is the best it has ever been. I feel 10 years younger, especially in my mind. In the face of ever aggressive flu viruses and controversial vaccines, I am relieved to take a powerful immune modulator that will help my body fight these various bugs this winter season. In general, all medicinal mushrooms are powerful anti-oxidants and immune modulators. They contain natural fiber, L-ergothianine and chondritins. Studies are showing their effectiveness against tumors in breast and prostate cancer, auto-immune diseases, general inflammation and many other health related problems. Supplements are available for humans, horses and dogs.

Thank you Catherine for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!