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Mushroom Matrix products are 100% certified organic nutritional supplements. The Matrix proprietary blends contain up to 10 of nature's most powerful mushrooms species and are engineered to address the physiological requirements of humans and animals in a uniquely efficient and effective manner. The complex chemistry of whole mushroom blends provides literally thousands of natural enzymes and proteins in optimum evolutionary ratios for uptake and utilization. This complexity cannot be matched by other vitamin and nutritional supplements which often contain synthetic or extracted chemicals and nutrients whose absorption, cell penetration and physiologic effect are questionable. With high levels of antioxidants, beta glucans and other bioactive/bioavailable substances, the Matrix's unique mushroom blend support a strong immune and cellular function.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

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Mushroom Matrix™ products are a natural organic blend of special whole medicinal mushrooms that represents an innovative new approach to nutritional supplementation. Mushrooms are millenniums old, are one of the oldest evolutionary species, and are an essential part of a sustainable world. They contain specialized enzyme systems that are involved in the decaying and recycling of matter into nutrients that animals and plants feed upon. Similar to humans they have an immune system to protect themselves against diseases. Many of the diseases that afflict mushrooms also infect humans; on the other hand plant diseases have no similar effect on humans. Medicinal mushrooms provide a wide variety of health benefits that can contribute to the prevention and treatment of disease. These uniquely designed organisms contain many nutrients and bioactive substances that are invaluable for the human immune system and for normal cellular function.

Mushrooms have evolved a unique and complex enzymatic system. The Mushroom Matrix™ products were designed to maximize the large diverse combinations of bioactive substances and enzymes contained in different mushrooms, such as polyphenols, Tri-terpenes, Glycoproteins, beta-glucans, selenomethionine, and L-Ergothioneine. The Mushroom Matrix™ approach is to use a synergistic combination of bioactive mushrooms to address the particular nutritional and medicinal needs of humans and animals. Most nutritional products in use today, developed from fruits and vegetables may have single chemicals with unique antioxidant properties and/or values, but none can compare with the thousands of bioactive enzymes within the mushrooms.

One specific example is the Mushroom Matrix Daily Life Essentials™ which contains performance tested strains of organically grown and nationally certified mushrooms. This proprietary blend, designed with the help of well-known Pennsylvania State University food scientists, combines the enzymatic activity of each of the 8 medicinal mushrooms to deliver high levels of key bioactive substances.

The Mushroom Matrix™ concept is to combine various types of edible and medicinal whole mushroom fruit bodies with mushroom mycelium in unique blends to optimize the presence of bioactive/antioxidant substances. Basically, the mycelium is composed of white threads or filamentous growth from which a mushroom is developed. The Mushroom Matrix™ proprietary manufacturing techniques involve growing the mycelium on organic cereal grain which allows the mushroom to use its extra cellular enzymatic activity to maximize production of these nutritionally needed bioactive substances during all phases of growth.


A mushroom's physiologic system contains self-protective, anti-biotics, anti-viral, antioxidants and bioactive nutrients. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from oxidative damage caused by molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are destructive highly reactive compounds produced by the body's inefficient use of oxygen. Significant increases in these free radicals can overwhelm the body's natural enzyme-mediated antioxidant defense system. Of note is that humans and animals are constantly bombarded in daily living by agents and situations that cause oxidative stress such as pollutants, smoking, noise, radiation, emotional stress, increased athletic training and chronic inflammatory disease. The use of the Matrix provides several thousand natural enzymes and proteins in correct evolutionary ratios for essential biological activity. This maximizes nutritional uptake and utilization of our regular diet. The Matrix is a whole food, giving support to lungs, immune system, and cardio-vascular health for the person who expects the highest quality of health.

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